Monday, August 5, 2013

Call for Testers: VMware vmxnet3 Ethernet Driver

Bryan Venteicher has posted a CFT (call for testers) for the vmxnet3 driver. If you're using VMware on FreeBSD, consider testing the driver and providing your feedback. Bryan writes:

I've ported the OpenBSD vmxnet3 ethernet driver to FreeBSD. I did a lot of cleanup, bug fixes, new features, etc (+2000 new lines) along the way so there is not much of a resemblance left.

The driver is in good enough shape I'd like additional testers. A patch against -CURRENT is here. Alternatively, the driver and a Makefile is here; this should compile at least as far back as 9.1. I can look at 8-STABLE if there is interest.

Obviously, besides reports of 'it works', I'm interested performance vs the emulated e1000, and (for those using it) the VMware tools vmxnet3 driver. Hopefully it is no worse :)

The drivers supports most VMXNET3 features - IPv4/IPv6 checksum offload, TSO, LRO, VLAN tag offload. AFAIK, the only notable missing feature is multiqueue; 3/4 of the code needed is already in the driver, but I don't have time to do final bit of work.

Most of the development was done on QEMU 1.5, but also tested on VMware Fusion and VMware ESXi.

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