Sunday, July 14, 2013

9.2 Release Schedule

The release cycle for the upcoming 9.2 is in full swing, with code freeze being announced to the developers last Friday, July 12. If all goes well, BETA1 should be available for testing in another week or so. Currently the scheduled dates are as follows:

BETA1 build starts:              July 19, 2013
BETA2 build starts:              July 26, 2013
RC1 build starts:                  August 2, 2013
RC2 build starts:                  August 9, 2013
RC3 build starts:                  August 16, 2013
RELEASE build starts:          August 23, 2013
RELEASE announcement:    August 31, 2013

You can learn more about FreeBSD's release engineering process at the Release Engineering Information page of the website.

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