Tuesday, July 30, 2013

FreeBSD 9.2-BETA2 now available

Glen Barber has announced the availability of BETA2. Details on how to use freebsd-update to upgrade to BETA2 as well as the checksums for the files can be found in the URL of the announcement.

The second BETA build of the 9.2-RELEASE release cycle is now available on the FTP servers for the amd64, i386, powerpc64 and sparc64 architectures.

If you notice problems you can report them through the normal GNATS PRsystem or on the -stable mailing list.

If you would like to use SVN to do a source based update of an existing system use "stable/9". Please be aware that cvsup and CVS are both deprecated, and are not supported methods of updating the src/ tree.

Changes between -BETA1 and -BETA2 include:

  • Fix an interoperability problem between FreeBSD NFS Server (version 4) and Linux NFS (version 4) clients. - Fix nvme(4) and nvd(4) to support non 512-byte sector sizes. 
  • Fix freebsd-update(8) for -BETA2 by removing a file with non-POSIX characters in its name. This file is not needed for FreeBSD builds, and caused freebsd-update(8) to error on -BETA1. Fix an XHCI regression. 
  • Fix a bug in ipv6_prefix_IF. 
  • Fix address range specification with various ifconfig(8) options. 
  • Fix Denial of Service vulnerability in named(8). (SA FreeBSD-SA-13:07.bind)

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