Monday, October 21, 2013

FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report, July-September 2013

The latest quarterly status report is now available. From the summary:

We have had another very active three months in the FreeBSD world, including two Developer Summits (BSDCam and EuroBSDcon) that will be covered in separate status reports. FreeBSD continues to push hard on security, with improvements to both the performance and reliability of the random number generation, and more compartmentalisation in programs in the base system.

For developers, there is work on a new modern debugger. There is also a significant amount of of modernization in the support for Objective-C and Ada via ports, making FreeBSD a first-rate platform for developing in either language, in addition to the existing C++11 and C11 support already present in the base system.

Server users will be pleased to see improvements in the iSCSI stack and scalability allowing over a million I/O operations per second on commodify hardware, while desktop users will see improvements in X support for new GPUs and for possible X replacements.

Thanks to all the reporters for the excellent work! This report contains 30 entries and we hope you enjoy reading it.

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