Thursday, September 12, 2013

[CFT] Update of xorg libraries and MESA

Niclas Zeising has posted a Call for Testers on behalf of the FreeBSD x11 team. If you have some testing hardware, especially if you have been waiting for KMS for ATI or devd autoconfiguration, apply the patch and post your feedback. Here is the CFT:

It is time once again to update parts of the FreeBSD xorg stack, and the x11@ team needs YOUR help in testing!

This patch updates various xorg related libraries and drivers, most of this is visible for all users of xorg. xorg-server now has the possibility to use devd instead of hal for autoconfiguration. It also updates the MESA stack (libGL, dri) and libdrm for users of the new xorg stack (WITH_NEW_XORG=). Last, but definitely not least, it enables KMS for ati graphics cards, if you have the latest current, and compile with WITH_NEW_XORG=.

It also contains a shlib version bumb of pixman, and ports depending on pixman.  Be aware of this when updating pixman.

Please test this on as many platforms and versions of FreeBSD as possible, both the old and new stack, so that we can try to avoid any regressions or other issues.  The plan is to have this in the ports tree in a few weeks, at the most.

To use the patch, check out the ports tree, preferably using svn and apply the patch using svn patch /path/to/patch.  It should be possible to apply the patch using patch as well, but this is not tested. After the patch is applied, recompile the updated ports.  See UPDATING for further instructions regarding libGL, dri and pixman.  This is important!

Please let us know of any issues, or if everything is working without a hitch.

For more information, see and, or come talk to us in #freebsd-xorg at EFNet on IRC.

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