Friday, September 13, 2013

FreeBSD 10.0-ALPHA1 Now Available

The first ALPHA build of the 10.0-RELEASE release cycle is now available for the amd64, i386, ia64, powerpc, and sparc64 architectures.

The image checksums are at the end of the announcement email.

ISO images and, for architectures that support it, the memory stick images are available here and at any of the FreeBSD mirror sites.

If you notice problems, please report them through the PR system or on the -current mailing list.

If you would like to use SVN to do a source based update of an existing system, use the "head/" branch.

Please be aware that cvsup and CVS are not supported methods of updating the src/ tree.

Important note to freebsd-update(8) users: freebsd-update(8) is not a supported upgrade path for the 10.0-ALPHA builds.

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